Professional Experience

Contractor → SW Engineer II → SW Engineer III

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Sep 2018 - Current
  • Took ownership of all Python applications, including architecture, docs, tests, CI/CD, mentoring, and DevOps infrastructure
    • Enabled Python 3 migration; set up linters, Nexus PyPI server, and Puppet module; brought all packages up to 80% code coverage
  • Added auto-updating internal dependencies, version incrementing, and container tagging to CI/CD pipelines across application suite
  • Repeatedly brought onto understaffed projects, quickly gained domain knowledge and helped meet ambitious deadlines
  • Identified and eliminated multiple potential avenues for missing messages in Java ETL pipeline during port to Kubernetes / AWS / Kafka.
  • Reduced AWS costs via scheduled after-hours shutdown of dev services.

SW Engineer I

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Northrop Grumman

Jun 2017 - Sep 2018
  • Created neural network to classify CDMA radio signals at negative SNRs
    • CDMA is a way to share bandwidth with cooperating simultaneous users via sets of spreading sequences, which are psuedorandom binary sequences designed to minimally interfere with each other. My goal was to detect usage of a subset of these sequences in a target bandwidth
    • Awarded trade secret for work, which was presented in internal symposium and used in classified space
  • Explored machine learning tools to detect novel inputs to trained CNNs via intermediate layer activations
    • A CNN is pretrained on certain categories and outputs how "likely" a sample is to belong to each category, but cannot determine if a sample belongs to none of the categories. My goal was to leverage the feature detection of the network via tools not requiring pretraining to detect these outlier samples
    • Tested isolation forests, support vector machines, principal component analysis, LASSO, and k-nearest neighbor analysis

Applications Engineering Intern

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Seagate Technology

Jan 2016 - Dec 2016
  • Wrote Bash scripts to test HDD reliability and performance data
  • Decreased customer's total qualifications test time 20%
  • Automated log backup and system setup on all test systems